Net Worth

Boasting a net worth surpassing 20 million USD, our financial prowess sets us apart.

Profesional Workers

With an active workforce surpassing 70, our team's dynamism fuels our success .

Global Position

Leveraging 7 global partnerships, we forge collaborative pathways to excellence.


Armed with over 15 years of expertise, we navigate industries with seasoned proficiency.

Defence Equipments

De-Mining, Advance tactical body wearables, Safety Gears for Mining & Related industry.

Real Estate

One of the prominent real estate player in Commercial & Residential Sectors.


Diversifying our mining portfolio, we specialize in extracting precious resources such as gold, copper, silver, and rare earth elements, employing cutting-edge technologies to ensure sustainable and efficient extraction practices.Exemplifying our role as industry leaders in resource exploration and extraction.

Defence Equipments

In the defense sector, our expertise extends to demining operations, advanced tactical body wearables, and the provision of safety gears tailored specifically for the mining and related industries. Our commitment to innovation enhances security and operational efficiency in challenging environments.

Real Estate

Established as a key player in the real estate landscape, we proudly contribute to both the commercial and residential sectors. Our projects epitomize quality and excellence, defining us as a prominent force in shaping modern and sustainable living and working spaces.

Evolution from Trading Powerhouse to Mining Pioneer: GDS—A Trusted Name in Defence and De-Mining Excellence.

Established in 2006, GDS has transformed from a trading company into a key distributor and supplier of Defence & De-Mining Equipment across ASEAN. Venturing into gold, copper, silver, and rare earth mining since 2018, GDS, marked by strong values, aims for innovation and excellence in its services.GDS Mining's strategic partnership with the Ministry of National Defence in Laos underscores its commitment to responsible mineral exploration. Core assets include a dedicated team, robust infrastructure, and sector-specific expertise. The organization's ethos, built on principles of partnership and perseverance, positions GDS as a reliable brand delivering innovative solutions and services with integrity

We produce or supply Goods, Services, or Sources

Our Core Value


Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness


Persistence & DETERMINISTIC approach


Decades of tenure, Stability & Commitment


Committed to maintain long-termpartnerships

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