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Strive to pioneer in exploration of Gold, we strategize to secure, develop and operate gold & copper mine in Laos. We have achieved this through state-of-the-art technologies and processes. Over a period, we have developed expertise in exploration and production gold and other precious metals. We have completed alluvial gold mining in 05 mining fields with high rate of recovery. GDS has been allotted a 50 square kilometre area for gold mine in Lao PDR. With an investment of over 06 million USD. As per current analysis and projection the total value of this project is over 100 million USD however detailed study is required to ascertain the total reserves of Gold other minerals.
Gold Mining

Current Projects

1. Nestled in the Southern province of Laos, the Attapeu region stands as one of the largest mining areas under the purview of GDS. Renowned for its rich mineral deposits, this locale plays a pivotal role in GDS's mining operations.
2. Furthermore, a noteworthy Alluvial gold mine is strategically situated in Ban Somboun, within the Phuvong District of Attapeu, Lao PDR. This particular mining site underscores GDS's commitment to diverse resource exploration and extraction.
3. The Xyden area, situated within the Phuvong District of Attapeu, Lao PDR, hosts four alluvial gold mines overseen by GDS. These mines contribute significantly to the overall mining portfolio, reflecting the company's dedication to sustainable resource management.
4. In the realm of ongoing advancements, GDS is actively engaged in the study and prospecting of its second-largest gold & copper mine. This ambitious project is currently undergoing comprehensive exploration and the meticulous documentation necessary for its future development. As GDS delves into the intricacies of this venture, the company remains committed to adhering to the highest standards in mining exploration and operations.

Gold Mining


Initial exploration comprises recognisance which included desktop study and remote sensing followed by ground survey, mapping & sampling of stream sediment, Soil and rock sampling. Pitting and trenching has been done at few points where significant exposures have been found. Initial survey provided specific input to find out the gold anamouls zones. Based on the intial study GDS will conduct geo physical survey (Geo-Magnetic & Geo-Electrical resistivity, IP , DEM). Collected Sampling and test analysis conducted by one of the world's leading analysis laboratories for 34 minerals detected gold and other minerals in substantial quantities. Over 800 samples were tested and analysed to validate the data and to analyse the viability of the project.

Gold Mining

Expert Opinion____

As per analysis and findings of prospecting Phase 01 which included Desktop study followed by Remote Sensing Study and Surface sampling & analysis of Rocks, Soil and stream sediments indicated very high potential & positive anomalies in reported contrast zones as indicated in the Fig. 01 & Fig. 02. Positive anomalies zone coincides with Remote Sensing, Reported Fault lines, and surface sample results. Similar anomalies are indicated in an operational Vang Tat Gold Mining within 100 km proximity, situated on the same fault line Based on the Expert opinion, Its highly potential area for Gold deposits, A detailed analysis of Geo Physical Study is going on to acquire more accurate data to acertain the depth and estimated volumes of Gold and other minerals.